Preferences -> Studio -> Song End Type

Did somebody forgot to mention that :grinning:

Thank you!

Dare I suggest that the “next action” would be better defined at song level? Some of us run 2 or 3 songs together.
We could also use a “next action” at part level, possibly with a count in - the drum solo may overrun…

Not quite sure what you mean. We added “Previous Song” and “Next Song” actions with the next version, hope that helps. If you want to target a specific Song, use “Select Song”.

I mean that we might play the opener, chat to the audience and then play 3 without a break. So if, at the song level, we can set Stop for the first and Play Next for the next 2, and Stop for the 3rd we don’t even have to look at VL during the 3 song marathon.

It also follows that some songs may have Parts where we actually want VL to stop, and then continue on command, hence the example of the drum solo. The possible need for a count in at that point lets us account for any timing drift during the stop.
This could be achieved by making 2 or more songs too cover the breaks but could make re-ordering the set problematic.

I hope that makes sense.

I assume “Select Song” is in the next version.

Select Song is available in actions, but it just means you can select a specific Song (number) with a MIDI input control.
I see your point. We plan much more on that level, but for a first step it might be useful to define the Song End action per Song.

Absolutely :grinning:

Thank you

Select Song is available already in Devices/Actions. You can select a specific Song with a specific MIDI control message. If you need a lot of that, you’d have to have a lot of buttons, though :slight_smile:


I won’t need that if we have End action per song.

coming next update.