Preferences / Video & DMX : "delay compensation"

Hi! Just as getting deep and deep by utilising VSTLive:

  1. Delay Compensation value for Video and DMX would be nice. Not in song by song basis, but generaly.
    As processing line can have a delay, a value in global settings would be nice (Reaper has video delay compensation value for this purpose). Just some value between a “-” value as 0-500msec (most cases there shouldn’t be more delay neither on Video and DMX) that “pre-reads/sends” signal. (Something similar function that we can set / channel basis in Cubase for sometimes with slow attack sounds. But this time that is set in “Preferences” globally)
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Per track offset is in the making.

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Hi @musicullum ,

You mean “per track” as “per video output” under “Connections”?

I personally don’t feel the need for delaycompensation/song/track.
For video - in my experience - global setting is important.

Video track/song is set once, saved, done. No need to touch. But video output chain can be really slow sometimes and we’re just facing with when arriving to venue and connecting to their system. Last year (this was the highest so far) there was some 480msec delay to compensate (Reaper saved the situation), but can’t emagine any band to preserve time for running through on all songs and adjust every videotrack one-by-one to compensate video chain delay of the current venue. Then re-adjust all them separately at a new location… and again, and again…

I see your point. But there are many requests for track offset (and compensation) anyway.
We may add an offset parameter for video outputs in the “Devices/Video Views” settings.

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…and as I see, a chain with ArtNet node, maybe additional Wi-Fi signal forwarding in-between can produce a “venue/installation” varied latency also

I’m sorry getting back to this. Thinking about all over again and again and coudn’t find reason to allow song/videotrack time-compensation, while video files can be moved at any position within a song (using magnification to max) in 00:00:00:01 increment. Once it’s set, it’s set and shouldn’t be touched :wink: I think a “LOCK TRACK CONTENT” were be even more important than ability/allowing to adjust video-offset/track… rising possiblity of unwanted mistake/problem

While MASTER offset/output (Video"n." and DMX) is a real life need. There are so many different installations in venues (up-down converters, WIFI video relays, Roland videomixers, LED video wall controllers, etc…) they have different chain delays that should be adjusted in VSTLive/video-output as a “master-value”.

I know, there are different aspects/ways using this software, I can just write here my opinion/experience learnt in my concerts/gigs.

Video views (outputs) may be connected to different devices, so an offset in “Devices/Video Views…” configuration still makes sense following your post, no? If you use just one, you set the offset there, and it doesn’t have to clutter connections settings.

I absolutely agree with you:) Yes!
Maybe I didn’t use the right expressions, Created a draft drawing about how I see it should be processed by /Connections/Video/“n.” regarding my previous experiences.

Additionally there is no necessary need for “+” value for delay (“offset”), I have never experienced that video was processed through signal chain quicker than audio-chain :sweat_smile:

I was refering to this (w/o offset to be added)

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Das wäre noch besser :sunglasses::wink:

First! this is awesome improvement and thank you spending time to implement :slight_smile:
(for me it seems to be not functioning yet, but no worry, I’m glad to see the new column)
Second, before making it done, could you please just make it human/musician readable and adjustable? I belive this function can be so user friendly and handy with some small polishing.


In real life situation:

  • Neither me or the venue has got exact idea/data about the latency (that is my personal experience)
  • We all just need maximum of -999msecs
  • This double click, new popup (works like this all over in VST Live and personally I don’t feel practical), so type in 00:00:00:20, hit play, try if it is okay.
  • If video isn’t in sync… then remember to retype a similar value in an empty place, starting over by typing bunch of unnecessarry characters from the very beginning again to get 00:00:00:23.
  • I think this cound be much easier and so is it working in all other applications, that will help users to feel comfortable with this value.

(In-line eiditing would be nice, practical and user friendly generally everywhere within VST Live)

Will check, thanks.

Fix, and inline editing in milliseconds in the making.


Will be really great, thank you for spending time on it :slight_smile: You will find it also handy when playing such video content that is edited on-time, but venue’s video-chain is causing an increased delay.

Meanwhile, I feel really bad, that this ruins your holydays!

… where you are missing it, @fkalmus,

Hi @Spork , I know there is lot to do I know, so I’m not saying that is first priority.
Generally speaking it will be very user friendly everywhere in the app where the input field is not edited right at the place, where this little one appears for text input
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 18.11.00
or “edit field” pulls focus away to somewhere else, like:

  • Lyrics
  • Song Part Triggers SONG TC Offset (it even puts Song P T Window behind VSTLive on WIN11)
  • New Video Views / Offset field (Win11 only)

And an interesting one, there is huge difference how listings appears on WINDOWS and MACOS:
On MACOS they appear in a scrolling-list-style (1pc column +scrolling if not fits to screen), meanwhile on Windows the value-selection appears in “multi-columned-style” listing for fields like:

  • chan & datas in Actions and Shortcuts
  • for DMX, listing “multi-columned-style” listing fits just until ch492 (this is screensize dependent for sure)

In Cubase it is so lovely just mouse-left-btn + pull up/down for value change, or just double-click for direct in-line input.

This was a quite hard nut to crack.
It should work now with the upcoming version, pls try again.

There are some missing bits and pieces still which will have to wait until the next version:

  • it does not update yet when you cahnge the offset, you will have to re-locate to apply the change.
  • no mousewheel or up/down dragging to edit the ms value yet (but inline, at last)
  • monitors settings should be saved per Song, currently only local

That includes remembering the last window position and size, which works half-way now. Best to locate, then open the window. And of course it should also remember if it was openend when saving and restore eventually.

But better than nothing I hope, so give it a try.

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dear @musicullum , it’s technically working, in-line, does what I entered. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Monitor settings - I think - should work globally, at least I’m not interested in / song parameter change. In /song basis VIDEO tracks are routed to corresponding video-outs, that is ALL we need on stage. Nothing else setting should be saved /song, rather it’s better to store video settings just for global.

will add to save if the view was opened, and that one should be per Song, would you agree? Some Songs have video, others not, and there should not be 6 video screens opening each time we start a new project, right?

Hi @musicullum ,

I meight not understand some part or just stucked to a way of working with video files on stage.

Will try to explain differently, admitting you meight thing the same while we meight talking about two different things. If you got the line, help me find also :wink:

  • I have video tracks (usually 1pc main video / song), that is routed to the laptop’s VIDEO-OUT1-CONNECTOR that is lead to venue’s LED screen / projector
  • Opening VSTLive at soundcheck
  • Set fullscreen for VIDEO-OUT1
  • fullscreen video signal remains full screen wheather song has or hasn’t got video track / content (if song hasn’t got video, then remains BLANK). It displays routed video tracks song by song and stays there after last and before first song by keeping BLANK screen (as no track is played).

Scenario for multiple Video Outs:

  • if I would use 3pc of video tracks for VIDEO-OUT 1&2&3
    (say e.g. stage designed to drive two extra screens with additional content)
  • set video-outs full screen for all the 3 VIDEO-OUTs
  • I want to be sure all the 3 video outs views remains full-screen and active during show/gig, regardless there are songs with 1 (center) video tracks and there are WOW ones extended with extra content to video-out 2-3’s. If no content: BLANK screen.

That would be a disaster to save/song if video view was open or wasn’t for another ones… make happen “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” appearing on desktop background just because user forgot to open video-view for a song. Video views must stay stationary once set as they are video-outs, regardless of song has or hasn’t got content to play out.

Does this makes sense how I described now?

PVP and Arena, but also Reaper is also working like this. That is a concert/gig/show. Once video out port/screen is utilised, it must display content if any or display BLANK if ain’t any content.