Preferences / Video & DMX : "delay compensation"

Sure. Video views are devices, they will not be closed. Just their content (we might define a default image or color, default is black). So it should be exactly as you proposed .

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The real question is if it should activate the screens as they were saved, fullscreen or not (already implementd), or position and size otherwise (also implemented now), and - that‘s the question here - opened when the project is loaded if it was saved with opened screens?

Arena, PVP, Reaper preserves last global state (fullscreen yes/no, video view was opened yes/no). I think this practical, while sometimes (e.g. finishing rehearsal, go to “random-venue” and connect things) settings must be re-adjusted anyways.

Now, as we think the same about, still not clear then to me, what shall I understand under:

I would say: nothing please!
As output-port settings for each video-track is a track-lane-spec-setting. Any future options for video-events like size, crop, align meight be a delicate, but that is rather called video-fx on video-event. Therefore nothing video setting needs/should be saved per Song.

That meight be something good! I planned to put stationary image to the “in-between-song” when solution will be implemented to VSTLive.
((I achieved this with Reaper jumps back to a position in “one session timeline based usage” when no LTC is received.))

Let me please know if any of my answer is still confusing!

All global, understood, nothing Song related.

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