Preferences windows= Ugly since day one?

Not complaining, just discussing. :slight_smile:
I’m not a regular CB user but I love it. Each time I use CB, which I find is a great flexible daw, I’m surprised to see that the preferences windows has still this gray, dull aspect a la windows 3.

I dont know but to me it’s a downer, I mean it makes me feel sad each time I go to the preferences and it kills 50% of my inspiration :confused: Why dont they take care of this aspect? We’re in almost 2017 :unamused:

Am I alone in this boat?


Sorry, I just wonder, how often (and why?) do you need to change the preferences? I have my own preferences settings (of course), which I change very rarely. So I don’t visit this window very often, i.e., it’s not a big deal, for me.

In any case, I don’t change preferences (and my workflow), when the inspiration comes in.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your comments.
I’m using much more Cubase these days and do a lot of experimentations so I visit a lot the preferences, the help file(s), the key commands and try different things hence my observations about the aspect of the preferences.

I still think that a more homogenous look is a plus. I’m a Logic user so maybe that’s why I feel like this.