hi there ,i want to trash my preferences but how do i save my present key commands and recent projects in the file menu.
the reason is because i am using preferences which have come from another computer i was using for the bulk of my work with cubase and i am unable to save some pre sets for a few VST`s because i think they are being pointed to the wrong folders on this new computer. thanks


You can backup the whole preferences folder (copy it to other place, or rename it) firsts. Once the new preferences folder is created by Cubase, you can copy over some files from the old preferences folder to the new one. The Key Commands are stored in the Key Commands.xml file, for example.

thanks Martin is there a list anywhere what gives a description of the different functions of the xml files in the User Settings Data Folder ,i`ve been trying to also find the one that stores the presets in the vst connections, the setting up of different input and output buses. thanks


This is the best collection I have ever seen.

thanks Martin