Preffered Panner Poll

Hey Guys,
Wondered which panner setting you all like to use and why…

I tend to use the Stereo Combined so that I can easily position both channels of a stereo (or dual mono) track anywhere in the L-R spectrum that I want. But its a pain to automate with the CC121 and multiple lanes.

So which panner settings (Stereo Dual, Stereo Combined or Stereo Balance) do you use and why?

I like the stereo combined as well. it’s annoying to automate with a remote, so I usually grab it with the mouse… I like that up/down controls the spread.

All three, depending on the situation, though come to think of it, there doesn’t seem to be anything the “Dual” can do that “Combined” doesn’t… and “Combined” is a lot easier to grab. Either is great for narrowing too-wide stereo fields for weirdly programmed vsti outputs and for roping in too-extreme stereo echoes, etc.

“Balance Panner” does the job most of the time.