Preffered Sample Rate feature little feature update request


@PG1 is there a chance to add feature that option of Preffered Sample Rate is always enabled for example when exit and reopen WaveLab Pro 11? Because for me I need to click and reenable this button every time I close and reopen WL. As this feature is only for playback and its not in rendering path.
Its super usefull for example if my soundcard driver settings are set for 48kHz Sampling Rate and I need to open 44.1kHz file.
Otherwise its a little bit annoying that I need manually do this every time again and again…

Because this option is only which is excluded of rendering path and is for playback only. I know there is On/Off Resampling button - but it will enable resampling in rendering path as well as I understand - which in my case is not needed.

You could simply add the resampler plugin to a playback slot, no?

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Thanks. Is the resampler plugin in WaveLab same quality as that Preffered Sample Rate function (I mean on ‘‘Best’’ quality setting)?

It is exactly the same processor.

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Thank you @PG1
Really like your fast and great explained replies! :+1: