Prefrences reset to default

Do any of you guys have problems where Nuendo will reset back to default setting on a almost monthly basis? Like from last night when I was working on some projects, I shut down Nuendo for the night but left the machine running. Today I start up Nuendo again and there is no recent projects, studio connection is not even enabled and all my prefrences are back to default…

yes I know I could just save a preset and load it (I have) but still it annoys me that this is happening so often and it makes me wonder if this is Nuendo or something with my computer. I have posted a few questions here earlier also with some strange behavior that I could trace back to the RME drivers so I starting to wonder what is really the problem here :slight_smile:

It can happen if Nuendo crashes and overwrites preference data on exit. I use a cloud based backup system which seems to have fixed all those issues for me.

Or you can backup your preferences folder.

This is solid advice. I back up that whole ‘application folder’ at least weekly.