Prefs: make new tracks not connect to I/O?

Is there an option to make newly created tracks NOT to connect to an input- and/or output bus?
It takes a lot of time to remove the automatically created input routing on newly created audiotracks, and to remove the automatically created output routing on newly created midi inputs.

I hope there is an option to switch this automatic routing on and off?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I am affraid there is no switch for that.
You could write a little macro which creates a new track with the exact settings (including Input/output routing) from an existing one. I use this all the time:

Project - Duplicate Tracks
Edit - Select All on Tracks
Edit - Delete

If there is no audio on the original track you can just use the duplicate function.

If you create multiple tracks at once, use the option to route all selected tracks at once by holding alt+shift while clicking “no bus”.

I hope this helps.

I’m not in front of a system now but there are modifier keys usable such that you select all the tracks you want to change, hold the modifier key, and you can either have all the tracks take the same selection or all the tracks increment the selection.
I won’t remember those keys until I’m sitting in front of it.
Not what you asked for but it’s much faster than doing each separately.

Thanks for your kind replies Hugh and Mandras but obviously I understand how to (re-)route inputs and/or outputs to tracks.
I only find it soooooooooo annoying that I always have to take my mouse and re-/unroute my newly created tracks.
I also think there should be a pref (a la ProTools) where one can set the ports newly created tracks are routed to…

Thanks anyway.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Saving empty tracks in a Track archive, or in a template will preserve the routing of your saved tracks.


Thanks, but still it means clicking clicking clicking (and unnecessarily CPU load)…I still think Nuendo needs some smart pref in order to decide if one want his newly created tracks to be connected to Nuendo’s I/O, and if “yes”: how would one like to have it connected?

A while a ago there was this thread in this forum, where a user suggested to make newly-created-tracks connect to Nuendo’s I/O, conformed to the folder in which this particular track “lives”. Nuendo is a Post-Production editor, so there’ll be a lot of users working with folder tracks, residing in the session’s structure. At least, I work like that: I’ve got my Dialogue Folder, my Backgrounds Folder, Foley Folder, etc. etc. which follow the subgrouping/stems-structure of “Dialogue” / " Backgrounds" / “Foley” etc. etc.
So, now again; when I’m working on a dialogue track, in my dialogue tracks-folder , in which all tracks are connected to the dialogue group, without any input, it would really come handy when a newly created track follows the “surroundings I’m working in at that moment” and connects to the dialogue group, no input, and receives the “dialogue colour” as well.

Thanks anyway…