Prelisten but no Playback

I’m having a weird issue here with a distorted guitar which I connected using Halion 6. If I prelisten by clicking on the notes, I can hear it fine, but if I start playback, Halion won’t get any MIDI and therefore won’t play back anything (I can click on its keyboard and it plays, but the MIDI-Lamp is not blinking without it).
I’d appreciate any ideas what might be the problem here!

BTW I remember having had this problem already and somehow it solved itself some time later. Now somebody touched my dongle, Dorico crashed and my guitar is gone again…

Is it possible that you share your project file? If you don’t want to post it publicly, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

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Thank you for your personal support! I emailed you my project… I’ll be glad to sort this out, any further ideas are appreciated. :slight_smile:

@Ulf’s support opened up my mind and the problem was my fault and connected to the guitar part I was working on. So if you experience a similar problem, check these things:

  • Rhythm notation might turn off playback. I had regular notes and converted them by putting them in a rhythm notation voice, so this was not what I wanted. The corresponding option is under Playback options (cmd/strg + shift + P) - Repititions - Rhythm slashes, there is a checkbox to play back slash notation voices (this was my problem, activating it works fine). This is project-wide, of course, so be careful about that…
  • if you want to play back chord symbols, you may activate and configure the chord track in Play mode (on top, just beneath Time) to your desires. This playback won’t take into consideration guitar diagrams or notated rhythms, though, since it’s independent from an actual player in your score, as far as I understand at this time