Prepare Archive - Audio File and Sampler Track Locations Not Saved Correctly

This has been a problem with Sampler Tracks since Sampler Tracks were introduced. But now it seems audio tracks have the same inherent issues.

Create a project
Drag audio files from various folders / drives.
Create sampler tracks from any audio files
In Audio Pool, prepare archive (All files are copied to project folder, as expected)
Save Project
Load project > Audio files are loading from the original file location, not the project folder.

This makes archiving projects safely impossible.

This issue was acknowledged by Steinberg years ago, but it has never been addressed.

When using Backup Project, audio files are copied to the correct folder, but Sampler Tracks still point to the original file location. Grrrrrrrr.


Unbelievable! Need our money back, seriously, what are they working on over the couple of month or +1 year? Only creating sound content?

+1 please fix

I have file location/backup OCD, so this one will hurt.

but creating sound content is fun :slight_smile:

Certainly and they are obviously using the license server for such tasks as it seems to be gone :imp:

I made a video to show you this problem. It can be reproduced 100% of the time on any of my three systems. It has been this way since Sampler were introduced. It has been confirmed many time in the past by other users.

Okay okay, I’ve now duplicated problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if Steinberg just weren’t able to duplicate your issue (?)

I also found a workaroumd, see gif3

Problem Duplicated

Problem diverted via orig file deletion (not a solution)

Workaround fix - redrag file in from pool

Quite shocked to have to report this, but having finished a new project and creating a back up, once again Sampler Tracks are NOT backed up. Cubase has copied empty files to the new folder, resulting in all my sampler tracks being lost. Will Steinberg ever get this right?

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! We have asked for years to correct this bug. I think Steinberg doesn’t read the forums, we are just shouting to ourselves.
I regret upgrading to 11.0.10 after they posted that they had fixed this problem.

Sampler Track

Sampler Tracks were referencing to the wrong audio files.

Sample did not play when it was exchanged while AudioWarp in the Sampler Control tab was active.

Sampler Control settings were reset when a sample was dragged from the project window and dropped to the Sampler Control tab.

Steinberg commented prior to the release of 11.0.10 that the problem had finally been fixed. This is clearly not the case.

So the issues isn’t fixed?

It said it was in the release notes?

Cubase 11 Release Notes | Steinberg

Sampler Track

Sampler Tracks were referencing to the wrong audio files.

Mixed results here. Prepare archive is not copying all files to project folder, and Sampler tracks have have copied empty files (silence).