Prepare archive, back up and missing samples


Cubase 9.5 Imac 2012.

So i keep running out of hardrive space as i seem to start alot more projects than i finish.

I have therefore been actioning ‘prepare archive/backup’ to an external hardrive.

This works well untill i delete the original project. Upon doing so i get ‘missing samples’ dialouge for halion 6 and groove agent 4.

This is only when i have added samples either from my own recordings in cubase or the media bay.

Is there a way to back up my project, delete the original and maintain such samples?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


For any one with the same issue. It was quite simple. The missing samples were still in the audio pool. I therefore searched the project folder in ‘find missing samples’ dialouge.

My samples were then immediately restored. If you have any further issues then let me know and ill help where i can.

My learning curve continues.