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Hi there I have been using Cubase ai5 for a long time now and I think the time has come to upgrade to Cubase Elements 8 or Cubase pro 8.

  1. If I get Cubase Elements 8 than can it easily be upgraded to C-pro 8 or whatever is the latest version in the future ?
  2. So I would like to know what are the differences between Cubase pro 8 and C-Elements 8?
  3. I am also planning to get Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate is this compatible with Cubase?
  4. Lastly I would like to know what is Nuendo? What does Nuendo do as I’m a Cubase user is this any good for me?


1.) Yes
3.) Yes
4.) Nuendo = Cubase + post production functions (for film and TV scores)

  1. Here, you can select from which product, you want to upgrade. As you can see, there is a Cubase Elements in the list.
  2. (Not completely true, what Svengali wrote). Nuendo + NEK = Cubase + post-pro. Some “music” features missing in the “pure” Nuendo. To enhance it, you have to buy NEK then. Nuendo is oriented to the sound post-production for films, and also game-audio. Cubase is oriented to the music creation, recording and recording.

Thanks for your reply. I am getting Native Instruments, PA4X and MOXF so as I will have a huge sound library which out of Cubase pro8 F=V or C8Elements will be better suited for me?
Is there any chance of Cubase Pro 8 Full Version coming down in Price?

Hi Stand2base,

I bought Cubase 8 Artist for $349.00 Canadian. I find that it contains every function I’ll ever need. Cubase Pro is excellent and a pro-level studio version of Artist. I don’t need any of the extras available in Cubase Pro. Are you running a home studio just for yourself?

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Hi there thanks for your guidance actually at the moment I have a home studio but I am starting to convert it into a Pro studio.
I have decided to get Cubase 8 Artist. However I was looking at the comparison chart and I have seen some points can you please explain what those functions are for ? please refer to picture.


Virgin Territories is over taken from Nuendo. This is specific automation Mode, where is no any Value in the time slot.

VST Connect SE 3 is for remote recording. Any musician can record to your Cubase by using dedicated software made by Steinberg, which is for free. The signal transfer is done via internet. Everything is always in sync, so the musician can listen other tracks, and record his/her new track on top of it. Very nice tool for modern, global, on-line cooperation and recording.