Preparing files for back up / make DOP permanent


My system is Win10 + Cub Pro 9.5.10, I’m using Cubase since 2002.

Before the “9.x” version, when I needed to back up a project, I had a 4-steps todo list (I even created a macro) :

  1. open the pool and delete all files unused
  2. “preparing file archives for back up” : was “freezing the modifications” (ALL files modified with the sample editor or with variaudio or with DOP etc., I mean ALL THE FILES with the tiny wave symbol in the pool were replaced, and the “Edit” folder was no longer necessary) and files outside the Audio folder would be copied from their location
  3. minimize files
  4. convert into FLAC

I’ve got an issue with the step 2 : neither “Preparing file archives for back up” nor “Make direct offline processing permanent” can get rid of the “edit” folder version. And sometimes “Make DOP permanent” simply does not work.

Do some of you have the same behavior ?

I too am wondering how to purge the Edit folder of unused files. I’ve got an Edit folder that is 31GB!