Preparing Login... Loged out (???)

Hi there,

Yesterday I installed the App on a 6th gen iPad (iOS 12.3.1) and performed all steps for registration (10 steps?). Since then I try to log into my account. Status messages are:

  1. Preparing Login…
  2. Loged out

The credentials are correct. When I type in a wrong password, the message changes to „Wrong Username or password…“

What‘s wrong?

Does the problem persist?

Hi again.
Yes, the Login still falls. Strange… :frowning:


can you please contact me : m.spork ( at ) I would like to check your account but I need some more informations.


I get the exact same thing! : -( any chance anyone can help me fix this?

… please contact me. We need to check your account, too.
m.spork ( at )

Thank you,

I am facing the same problem too! Did I missed out a step or something? :unamused: