Preparing to install new OS. Advice?

I am preparing to format my hard disk and install Windows 7 64 bit. Currently running vista 32 bit.
I have copied all of my project folders to an external drive. I have saved the presets I have created there too.
I most concerned about the license. I see everyone say that I should be able to install Cubase from the disks, plug in the dongle (that already has the license on it) and go to work. Is this true in practice or just in theory?

Does anyone have any “lessons learned” advice?

I still haven’t decided on whether to install 32 bit Cubase or 64 bit Cubase either. If I am willing to purchase JBridge, is there any reason NOT to go 64 bit Cubase?

Thanks for you inputs.

Don’t forget to install the latest eLicense. You can install both 32 and 64 bit Cubase on the same machine. J-Bridge is cheap as chips and has been used with much success in both 32 and 64 bit enviroments. Best bet is to look at their site to see if there are issues with any of your goto plugs. Listing some here may bring yea’s or nay’s, too.

Personally, I’d use DBAN to wipe the drive instead of plain formatting.

Thanks for the input. I downloaded the latest version of the eLicenser software. I suppose when I install Cubase, it will install the old version of eLicenser from the DVD (or will the installer give me an option to skip it?) Either way I will run the newest eLicenser before starting Cubase. I checked into the DBAN (“Darik’s Boot and Nuke”) and will consider using that or some other disk cleaner.

The only 3rd party plug-in that I actually own is Jamstix 3. The other stuff is all free-ware and I could do without them if I needed to. dBlue Glitch and Blue Cat Freq Analyst, and some of the HGFortune stuff I do use occasionally. I know Jamstix works well with JBridge from the forums.

Reading some other posts about licenses I think there is some confusion about the license for Cubase (on the dongle) and the a license for the eLicenser software itself (on the dongle also? or stored on the hard drive?) I used the eLicenser control panel to write down my eLincerser software license number just in case.