Preparing to install new Windows, and Steinberg products.

I have just bought a new windows10, and also bought updates for Cubase9pro and Halion6.
I’m going to install everything on a new 256gb SSD.

When installing Cubase 9 and Halion6, I would like the vst factory sounds to be installed in a different location than the default.
I want it to be a separate hdd, where I have other sound libraries, samples etc.

My question:
When I install Cubase and Halion, will I be able to select a destination for the HALion6 and HalionSonic content?
Will I have to do it after installing, using eg Halion Library manager ?.
If so, how to use HLM to move libraries to another drive?

Thank you for the advice.

No one can give hints?

As far as I remember you can choose the location on install.
But if not you can manually move the VSTSound files to another drive and copy a link of these files to the folder it came from what will be either
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content… or C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content depending if it was installed “for all users” or not.

Edit. Added a screenshot of my Windows Explorer view.
On the left the C:\ drive with the linked files (dont know the english term), on the right my VSTSound 128GB E:\ drive.
I moved VSTSound files folder by folder placing back the link in the exact same folder they came from, dont know if this matters actually.

Thanks for the information.
Have you used the commands in the cmd panel?
mklink /d

Finally, I would like to get rid of all VSTSound libraries from system drive C.
I would like to be located only on a separate disk.

Well, I think everything has gone so well.
But surely it will be revealed later.
During the installation of Cubase 6, I pointed out a folder for all Stainberg libraries, and then another VST content- H6, HS etc were installed in this folder automatically.

I wanted to empty the basket and in the last moment I noticed that it contains some vst content … !!! I was surprised…!

How did they find themselves in the trash?
I moved them to the library folder - I hope this situation will not happen again …

In the magnifying glass (search in windows) of Windows 10: %appdata% and %programdata% or manually type it in the windows explorer adress bar.
But it should be working fine if you directly installed it on another drive.

You might accidently dragged the content into the bin or slightly touched the del key on a mechanical keyboard?? I’m pretty sure they don’t put themselfs in the bin. Unintended stuff just happens when trying to find a logical way of arranging your files.