Preroll does not work for first Part

Hi all,
The Preroll is a good feature to start a song with for example 2 bars (for my case, I’m the drummer and I start all the songs for my band (I’m using metronome etc)).
But if I’m not wrong, this feature works on all Parts except the first one.
Workaround : I configure the first Part with 2 bars and my song starts from Part 2…

Why did you write “post deleted by author” ?

Because that’s what Steinberg adds once deleted , i thought this was a Cubase topic by mistake

not sure if this request has been seen

Preroll does not work for negative times (the first Part always starts at zero).
Will check if this can be improved, thanks.

Thank, because in live situation, sometime we need a 2 bars count before starting.
It is not so good having to create the first part as a “preroll”.

Sure. We have added it for the next version, thanks.

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Hi @musicullum ,

You implemented the Preroll bars for the first part of a song but it seems there is an issue. If the firsts parts have a specific signature, it seems that the preroll bars use these signatures.

correct, preroll should take into account the signature of the bars before. Will improve.

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Does the Preroll start only with the first part of a song ?
I need 2 bars before starting any part but it seems the preroll does not work except if I set OFF.


What you mean by “first part”? Set transport position anywhere, start, preroll starts, no?

First part I mean, the part 1 of a song


Let me verify my point

Preroll has nothing to do with Parts, but with transport.
When you start transport (hit play), and preroll is set to something, it will relocate to the current position minus preroll amount and start from there instead.
If a Part has a trigger time and you select that Part, it will locate transport there, but in your picture, you don’t.

i’ll use this thread instead of opening a new one…
i’m not sure if this is the same problem that i have, but i really hope there’s a solution for this?
seems similar to the behavior described above (playhead can’t go into negatives?), but that’s extremely stupid for a preroll…

i have this strange behavior on EVERY track, EVERY time. no idea why this would happen on a pre-roll functionality?


… that’s already fixed. Are you running the latest Pre-Release 1.1.52? You can download it here


ohhh. nice.
no, i’m on 1.1.50.
somehow i thought it would auto-update (or at least notify me) :smiley:

… I see. Pre-Release versions will not be pushed to the “Steinberg Download Assistant”.

See you,