I may be crazy, but I’ve spent the last hour looking, and preroll and postroll (very important function for editing) are missing altogether.
Please tell me where else to look.

Page 204 of the manual. If you have it.

I dont have a manual, but searching through the online version for “pre-roll” returns no results. The functions are not to be found in the transport like they were in Elements 8. I feel like this might be a deal-breaker for me.

You realise you can select what’s visible on the transport by right click?

They are certainly available in Cubase 9 Pro…I doubt they would leave these out in Elements if they were there before.

It sure seems like they removed this function in Elements 9. I can find no information on this and I wish I had known before I upgraded. Looks like I’ll be going back to 8.
Vers 9.jpg
Vers 8.jpg

I think you may be right…in the transport panel section of the Cubase Pro manual they are listed, but not in the same section of the Elements manual.

This problem is driving me crazy!!

It seems that there is a buggy implemetation of pre-roll/post-roll in Elements 9.

The function still appear in the Transport Menu, but not in the Transport Bar.

My problem is that in my project the pre-roll still remain always active and there is no way to turn it off.

I’m running the last version of Cubase Elements 9 on a MAC with mac OSX Sierra.

Is there someone that can help me?

Same here, it works fine for some time until it breaks. I haven’t tested the bug yet, and quite frankly what’s the benefit of it anyway. It’s pretty sad that Cubases essential features are compromised in such a way. Pro…phew.

Have you guys found a solution ?
I’m running Elements 9 trial version and haven’t found out how to set values to pre-roll and post-roll either…

9.0.30 its back!