Presales ? about word clock over Adat (ur824)

Can the ur824 work with word clock over the adat in/outs?
I know that the bnc connectors are a better option but I need the ability to clock over the Adat in/outs.

Will be used with a Panasonic DA7 digital mixer and an Adat XT-20.
Both can sync and send master clock over the Adat in/outs.

Can the UR824 do this without compromises?


Yes, the UR824 can synchronise over ADAT connection; as far as I have been able to find out it’s in fact the only way to synchronise two UR824s together. The manual gives an example of using a separate BNC connection to synch a UR824 with a different unit. As to whether it locks over ADAT ‘without compromise’, I don’t know know enough about synchronising options to tell you whether there are compromises. If by compromise you mean instability - the timing appears rock solid, so in this respect there’s no compromise.


Thanks for the reply…