Presales question: is that possible?

What I often do is:


  1. Record MIDI
  2. Fail at playing part properly ( :laughing: )
  3. Delete last recorded part
  4. Back to L
  5. Record again

Can I perform those steps all from via the iC Pro?


  1. Record MIDI
  2. Record is nice
  3. I don’t want the aftertouch data
  4. Execute “delete aftertouch”

Also possible? Would be very handy! :slight_smile:


Cubase iC Pro can trigger any KeyCommand that is available in Cubase.

For the first use-case you can delete the latest recorded part either by assigning a KeyCommand button to Delete or simply Undo (there are already factory presets for this latter one).

For the second use-case, unless I’ve got you wrong, you have a KeyCommand for deleting aftertouch data named “del.aftertouch” that you can assign to a KeyCommand button as well (and eventually rename).


Ok, thank you!

This is very helpful for what I do all the time. :slight_smile: Now the Android version just needs to be released. :wink:

Having said that, Armand, I can imagine that this will be a lot of fun from my 90° away-from-PC angled master keyboard. :slight_smile: