presales question

Hi All,

I am looking for a solution to allow me to record primarily vocals away from computer. Can iC Pro allow me to select and name a track? enable record, mute, solo, monitor? change inputs? delete a take? set up cycle, left and right markers? punch in and out?

Thanks all. Looks like it might fit the bill.

with iC Pro you can :

  • enable record, mute, sole, monitor mixer channels
  • setup cycle
  • punch in and out (manual punch in and out to be precise)
    – automatic punch in/out must be setup on the computer before

Currently it does not support:

  • rename a track/channel

Deleting a take can be done via the ‘Undo’ command.
Selecting tracks can be done via the navigate commands.

Hope this clears it up


It does. Thanks. I just watched the video posted on Youtube.

What I didn’t realize is that this requires the DAW to be on wireless? Is there any way to use this if my DAW is using ethernet that is tied into wireless network?

I am somewhat hesitant to install a wireless card in my DAW, when I often to record VSTis at low latencies and most the research I have done advises against using wireless cards in your DAW.

If your computer and iPhone/iPad are on the same local network, it should work. So if your router provides WiFi and uses the same local network for wired and wireless devices then it works. That means the first 3 parts of the ip addresses of your computer and your iOS device must match.


great. Thanks. I will give it a go tonight. Perhaps I will try the non pro version first to see if it works.

thanks for the help again. Got it running without an issue on my wired ethernet computer. Purchased iC Pro. Now I can record tracks not standing by the computer. Very cool.