Presales tech question on UR44 recording

I am planning to buy the UR44. I need to know if it is possible to record (to my DAW) from another application that would be playing music (regardless of the source).
My current hardware does not support this, so I had to improvise by patching output channels 3/4 into input channels 5/6.
If I do this with UR44, I lose needed connections.

Help most appreciated.

Thank you


Did you check the loopback function in the manual? Not sure that would help you judging by your desription, but there are other ways to facilitate this with software (non steinberg)

Your system specs would be handy… Mac or PC, etc…

Yes, the loopback on the UR44 does do this, I use it myself. When you switch it on the audio appears at inputs 1 and 2.

Just download audacity (free) it can record the windows output channel.