Preserve Kontakt Output Assignments

Cubase’s support for Native Instruments Kontakt is, in my opinion, flawed to the point of being almost unusable. When a Cubase user saves a project, s/he expects the project to restore 100% perfectly - not with Kontakt’s outputs scrambled or missing.

Unfortunately, Cubase doesn’t store Kontakt’s output assignments with a project, but instead relies on Kontakt’s global “default outputs” setting. As a result, Cubase’s projects (and Track Archives) are unreliable. If Kontakt’s default outputs were changed from the time the project was last saved (quite likely), then the project won’t restore fully.

The only solution I’ve come up with is to modify all Kontakt multis to use one generic output setup (thus discarding any and all output labels). It’s awful.

Frankly, I wanted to report this as a bug, but I see it’s been talked about for years without yet being addressed or a worthwhile workaround being discovered, so I guess my request belongs here.

Thank you for your consideration.