Preserve MIDI data, regardless of tempo? Can this be done?

I have midi data that was recorded “wild” with Reaper set at 120bpm. The song is actually at 87bpm. When I import that into Cubase with the tempo set at 120 bpm, it plays fine, although obviously doesn’t line up with the grid. When I import at 87 bpm, it plays too slow, because Cubase expects that the data is 120bpm. How can I preserve where the notes are “landing”, regardless of the tempo? Essentially, I want to bring that midi data in to my session at 87bpm, without changing the tempo of the midi.

After importing the midi file,

  1. Set the track’s Time Base to Linear
  2. Change tempo so the notes line up
  3. Set the track’s Time Domain back to Musical

Incredible - thank you!