Preserve mono tracks with Channel Batch Export


how do you usually deal with the following scenario? I have a project with many stereo as well as mono tracks. I want to export all the tracks (keeping mono tracks as mono…) to be sent to a mixing engineer for a mixing. If I do the channel batch export it creates stereo tracks for everything (why???). On the other hand, “mono mixdown” will create mono tracks for everything. So, which is your best way to handle this (considering the very high track counting)?

that was also my idea, but when you have ~100 tracks, to select all the mono tracks or all stereo tracks is almost impossible, I mean how much time should I spend for such a stupid thing?

I cannot believe there is not another way also because it’s very common procedure for people composing their music and sending it to a ME…

You can create a mono group and route all mono tracks to that group.Then you can export in one pass and mono will be mono and stereo will be stereo.

yes, thanks. I found a video of Greg Ondo showing exactly what you suggested. anyway it always requires to select all mono tracks in a song which is not comfortable when the track count is high…

I guess this must be harder for developers than it seems as not sure any DAW does this automatically. (Though please tell me if I’m wrong).

Here’s what I would probably do with high track counts:
Save song under another name for safety, adjust track list so stereo/mono indicators are visible and select and just delete all the stereo tracks.
Open export audio mixdown and tick the all audio channels box and mix down to mono.
Then you could undo or revert saved project and delete all mono tracks to export just the stereo.

Still takes plenty of manual selecting but at least it’s in the arrange window and you know which tracks are mono/stereo whereas in export dialogue you have to refer back to the arrange all the time.

I’m with you, I’ve (and others) been requesting this for years…

Studio One has it… :wink:

At the moment I do something similar but I route to a mono bus as suggested by beatpete. I was also trying to take a look at the logical editor as maybe it’s possible to show all mono/stereo tracks. That would help a lot…

Mark them with a special character. The make a PLE preset to select them all
Or if you use 7.5, create a session view that only has the mono tracks.

sure there are options, but…everything you suggest require the selection of every single mono tracks. when you often receive projects with 120-150 tracks, this cannot be the right workflow. I was hoping the logical editor allowed to show/hide all mono/stereo tracks but unfortunately it doesn’t.

I’d like someone at SB (or a Cubase expert) could comment about this typical workflow:

one receive a large project of 120 audio tracks (or more). the guy is supposed to (quickly) do audio editing , cleaning, drum replacing, etc… and then this guy is supposed to export the tracks to be sent to the mixing engineer for the mixing. naturally, when exporting the tracks, mono tracks must stay mono! now, by design, Cubase will convert to stereo every track when doing batch export (!!!) and the only way is to select all mono tracks and send them to a mono output. how can the poor guy avoid to manually select all mono tracks (with the high probability of making a mistake) to be sent to this mono output?


so, does nobody have a good idea to avoid this mess?