Preserve my mixer configs when adding a new track PLEASE

I think this has been asked for before but for the love of God please let me “lock” my mixer configurations so that when I add a new track or enable a disabled track it doesn’t get automatically added to all of my mixer configs, thereby making me have to manually remove the track and update the configuration. Every. Time.

This behavior renders mixer configurations basically useless for me since I work from a disabled template.

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Totally agree. I would also like my mixer configs to be constant across projects, but instead I have to set these up every time I start something new. pfffft.


And yes it has been asked for several times before. However I’m not sure it’s been asked for the love of God so maybe that will give the request a boost. :grinning:


I thought it useful to ask again in case people want to use their “votes” though I’m not sure anyone does…

+1, I would like that.
I can’t vote though as I’m out of votes. But… I’ve cast my vote here:

which is the same request more or less, at a different time. I’m not sure votes are changing anything. (Gee, how grim was that :rofl:)

hi! I started that thread, but as you can see, no news yet… in the meantime i’m using the macro you suggested, it works!

Sure Steinberg should consider to make it simple, I’m not a programmer but it shouldn’t be too hard to do :slight_smile:

This is a very important feature when you are into some serious mixing sessions…

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