Preserve Track Visibility Settings in Track Archives

When exporting tracks to a Track Archive, any track visibility settings should also be preserved. Track visibility is a useful organizational feature. It’s a little jarring when those details just ‘disappear’ - or, in this case, ‘re-appear.’

As you might have guessed from my series of suggestions, I’m a huge fan of Track Archives. They can improve Cubase workflow and efficiency enormously. However, it’s frustrating to have to ‘clean up’ the tracks in a large, complex track archive each time the archive is loaded into a new project. For example, I have a Kontakt drum multi with a dozen outputs, a dozen group channel tracks, and a dozen audio tracks, all organized into intuitive folders and color groups. What’s more, all of the Kontakt outputs and group channel tracks are hidden, as they serve a background purpose only. Ideally, Track Archives would restore all of these details in one click.

Thank you for your consideration.