Preserve Track Visibility Settings in Track Archives

When exporting tracks to a Track Archive, any track visibility settings should also be preserved. Track visibility is a useful organizational feature. It’s a little jarring when those details just ‘disappear’ - or, in this case, ‘re-appear.’

As you might have guessed from my series of suggestions, I’m a huge fan of Track Archives. They can improve Cubase workflow and efficiency enormously. However, it’s frustrating to have to ‘clean up’ the tracks in a large, complex track archive each time the archive is loaded into a new project. For example, I have a Kontakt drum multi with a dozen outputs, a dozen group channel tracks, and a dozen audio tracks, all organized into intuitive folders and color groups. What’s more, all of the Kontakt outputs and group channel tracks are hidden, as they serve a background purpose only. Ideally, Track Archives would restore all of these details in one click.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi David, looking for ideas here— how is it you find it improves Cubase’s workflow and efficiency?

Forgive the late bump.

My studio setup is pretty complex, with a dozen hardware synths, several MIDI controllers, guitars, mics, and plenty of software-based instruments. For efficiency, each instrument has one or more Track Archives. So, for example, when I need “Heavy Rock Acoustic Drums,” I simply load the respective Track Archive and Cubase/Nuendo creates all of the tracks, routings, levels, panning, colors, etc. For hardware instruments - particularly guitars - I also include setup notes in the notepad, so I can manually restore tone knobs, outboard preamps, compressors, etc., to their necessary settings. [I wish Cubase allowed photo attachments here. A picture of the guitar’s tone knobs would be ideal.]

Some of my Track Archives include utility tracks that do nothing more than separate a stereo Audio Track into two discreet mono Audio Tracks, for example. Those tracks do nothing creatively and should be hidden. When I load a complex Track Archive with several such utility tracks, it’s a chore to hunt down and re-hide all of them. Worse still, when I’m suffering from a senior moment, I can’t even remember what those tracks do, so I waste time scratching my head until I realize what their function is and that they should be hidden.

Finally, I work in surround, so all of my Track Archives include Audio Tracks for the surround channels and the downstream stereo channels. The routing can get very complicated, especially for drum kits with a dozen or more Audio Tracks (times two), so Track Archives save me tons of time (and mistakes) when adding instruments to a project. It’s point-and-shoot.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you, David. Whilst your needs are quite different to mine, you have inspired me to see if I can make better use of TAs.