preserving chord symbols on import from Sibelius

Hello - I’m a new Dorico user migrating from Sibelius.
I have been using Sibelius for over 15 years and have a huge library of files to transfer.
I really would like to preserve chord symbols that transpose along with parts.
Once this worked, but in most cases, they are lost going between Sibelius and Dorico via XML or MXL.
Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the forum, John. I hope you enjoy using Dorico!

Dorico should be able to import your chord symbols from Sibelius, provided you use Sibelius 6-or-later chord symbols rather than plain text “legacy” chord symbols. Bob Zawalich wrote a plug-in called Convert Legacy Chord Symbols that will try to convert old-style text chord symbols into the modern kind (see here). If you do that, you should then be able to export the scores in MusicXML format from Sibelius and the chord symbols should show up in Dorico.