Preset Browser Custom Template Inconsistency?

I’m using the Preset Browser Custom Template on my custom Macro Page and I’ve been getting some pretty inconsistent results upon implementation.
I have no problem getting the browser to show the appropriate presets but to get them to work consistently hasn’t been a result.

I’ve been trying to use the Preset Browser Custom Template with the preset browsers for things like “Oscillator”, “Filter”, “LFOs”, …etc.

For example, if I wanted to use the Preset Browser Custom Template to switch the presets in the LFO 1, I’d set up the Template Parameters. After setting them up, I can see the desired presets displayed in the Preset Browser. I can click to load any of them and they may not work. So my first thought is that maybe this is an issue with the “Scope”. I have the “Scope” set to the Zone. So I drag the Zone out of the layer its in and it will suddenly work. If I drag it back into the layer it was in previously without changing the “Scope”. It now works. I’ve tested this with my own program and an Init program.

Is there something I’m missing?