Preset browser display in Track Inspector

I wonder why some of my VSTi’s display a full-featured media bay-like preset browser in the instrument track inspector and some just show the so-called “preset selector”, which is a mere drop-down list of presets without any categorization. The latter VSTi’s include HALion 4 (VST 3.5), Reaktor (VST 2.4), Monologue (VST2.3) and Embracer (VST 2.3). I can save their programs as VST3 presets, Media Bay then shows them and allows for all the great features like tagging, categorizing etc., but the track inspector still shows that plain vertical program list. Interestingly, if I load HALion 4 into the VST instrument rack, clicking on program list there does bring the preset browser I would so much like to see in the track inspector. Any ideas?