Preset browser lag

Upgraded from 11.0.40 to 11.0.41.
The lag issue with the Retrologue preset browser was not resolved. A reinstall did not fix the problem either.

In V.40, the project included sounds generated by Retrologue, when upgrading to 11.0.41, the Retrologue sounds in the project changed completely. Fortunately I saved the preset.

When installing Steinberg vst without “Install AXX” checked, it still created the AVID directory below C:\Program Files\Common FilesAvid\Audio\Plug-Ins\Steinberg\xxxxx.aaxplugin

Retrologue Preset browser lag, After testing, I can conclude that the problem is with VST3, while everything is fine with VST2.
I just want to give feedback on the problem, the english is not good.