Preset Browser Module and REVerence

I want to create a macro page with a preset browser for REVerence and Delay effects.

The browser for Delay works fine and I can access the presets from macro page and all the parameters of Delay change according to chosen preset.

However this doesn’t seem to work with REVerence. While I can browse and choose a preset from the macro page, Reverence doesn’t load the impulse response nor does it change any parameters of the effect.
Is this a bug or am I missing some extra steps needed to make this work?

Mine does the same.

changing parameters works here… (well the knobs n such…)

Hi misohoza,

I have quickly checked that on my sytem and get the same result. So I can confirm that issue. Looking at the choice of “presets” the selector offers, one can see that these are the impulse responses and not the presets of the reverb.
We will investigate this problem and try to find a solution. I’ll keep you informed


we have fixed the issue. Will be part of the next maintenance release.

Thank you Michael.