Preset Browser window positioning

I use a Dell M6500 Laptop as my DAW with a 1920x1200 screen. on its external video out is a Matrix dualhead2go, which drives 2 additional 1600x1200 screens.

For windows, this setup consists of two screens, the main (Laptop internal) screen, and the external (matrox) 3200x1200 screen.

In cubase 6, the Preset Browser window allways opens centered in that screen where the mouse Cursor is.
This results in the preset window allways opens up over the bezels of my two external screens.

Would it please be possible to have the preset browser window remembering the Position it was last when closed? (maybe even per VSTi?)

And is there a key command to “revert back to the last settings” (the button in the browsers preview pane)?


Some more key commands for browsing/navigating attributes/presets would be fine too…

might it be possible to have the Preset Browser window remembering and opening at the Position it was closed at last?