Preset browsers ... why can't they open where you closed them, including size etc?

It’s 2022 and Cubase Roxx !!!
as great as they are the preset browsers make my head spin. They never end up in the position or place I want them to!!! To make the most out of the browsers I want to see as much of them as possible or in some cases it’s the opposite. Sometimes I need to see folders and filters and sometimes all I want is a list. But no matter what, the large browsers always manage to have half the GUI outside the screen, and the small GUIs is always opening right above a plugin so I can’t see what I’m doing. They’ll find a way, don’t worry!

I’m slowly warming up to my one year old 3440x1440 I had to buy when the old one died on me, and one of the obvious reasons is … I can see a lot! The preset browsers were just as bad on a smaller screen though. It’s just it’s even more annoying now to not be able to use a full screen any better.

Now if I stretch the preset browsers over the screen it takes a few seconds to do that. Then I close it and do some stuff and then I open it again and … it’s gone??? No, there it is in the corner. It’s just a thing that grates on my nerves, and I don’t need that. So …

  • I’d like to see a locked mode for larger preset browsers like the Track preset browsers which can be toggled in preferences globally. It’s not larger per se but there is a lot of into in it and if you ask me I’d like to stretch it out to see as much as possible so that’s why I call it large. YMMV.
  • I also like to see another preference like “Keep relative position and size” to the local plugin so I can always have presets aligned to the right side of QuadraFuzz just to have an example. If I close the QuadraFuzz GUI and open another track with QuadraFuzz on I still want it to have the presets open right next to it. Not in what seems to be completely arbitrary place on the screen where it takes 5 seconds EVERY TIME I open it to not annoy me!

Very lo tech request? :smiley: