Preset browsing - am I doing it wrong?

Ok - after much trials and frustration I think I figured out the VERY convoluted system Steinberg uses for patch organization. So in order to only “bass patches” in a synth for example, I first click on the preset list. Then I have to click on the small window icons on the bottom left part of the preset list, and then I have to select the “filters” tab to activate it - then select “bass” from the category list. However, it seems that I cannot load patches from this view, so I then have to click BACK on the windows tab - AGAIN click on the filters button to turn it off, and now, FINALLY I can view just the “bass” presets.

WOW!! What a hassle!! Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to somehow combine the two different windows (preset selections and filters) into one window - or at the very least let me have both open at once!! Am I missing something? In my opinion you should be able to select the attributes you want, and then in the same window load the resulting patches.

I must be missing something, and appreciate any advice you are willing to share.

yeh, its a hassle compared to other daws.

In cubase I just try to use synths that have internal preset browsing like for example Massive, and stay as far away medibay as possible.

Bump in the hopes I’m doing something wrong, if not I think I’ll submit a feature request as its pretty frustrating!

Yeah you’re definitely doing something wrong… to load a bass patch (using your example) simply just click on the “bass” section of the attribute inspector and all your patches tagged for bass will be loaded. Cubase has IMO the best preset management system of any DAW, especially considering the fact it lets you create your own custom searchable tags for any vst preset, track preset, midi loop, audio file, midi file, etc…

You only have to do this once and Cubase will always keep the filters/attribute section open.

Thats not right… the list of presets should be on the right hand side next to the filters section. You shouldn’t have to open and close any windows.


In my mediabay the patches also appear at once when selecting the bass catagory.