preset change of a vst plugin not transfered back to host

win 7 pro 64 bits
cubase 9.5.3

all the controllers present the same behavior: zero sl mkii & 49 slk mkii (automap), mackie control universal and panorama p1 (and the remote control editor you also do not see changes).

not all plugins do have this behavior, the latest update of softube, for instance the FET compressor and Focusing equalizer (i have the mix bundle), the vst3 version, when you change a preset; no parameter update (on all controllers and within cubase, this last thing i shall not mention again, it is clear…)
vst2 version: parameters a represented back to host, when changing preset.

IK multimedia t-racks 5 plugins; all have the same behavior, vst2 or vst3. (i also have 4.10 installed, most processors, as IKM call them, suffer the same problem, accept the reverb plugins. i have about 38 plugins of IKM.) for clarity: i have t-racks 5 “standard”, and bought the other plugins seperately. i use version 5.1.1, the latest version.

europa by reason, again no parameter feedback, when changing preset.

it seems like an epidemic. i contacted IKM about this issue, weeks ago, no reply. i contacted propellerhead, but that was yesterday, it is weekend.

i didn’t contact softube yet.

yes i know, i am obsessed with tactile parameter control. but it has to be right.

i wonder if it is a cubase issue or the builders of the plugins.

EDIT: sometimes i wonder it is do with NKS, but IKM and propellerhead don’t do NKS…

EDIT 2: when controlling, the parameters jump of course, but the correct parameter values are visible.

Maybe I’m not to bright, but I don’t understand your problem.
Could you please make a repro, where you describe step by step what you do, so that others can try the same.

perhaps you are right; it is an unbalanced representation of the problem.

i load the the europa by reason plugin; i change a preset; the parameters aren’t updated on the controllers (sl mkii&panorama p1&mcu, and even if you do not have a controller: look at the remote control editor).

i load softube FET compressor (vst3 version), i change a preset; the parameters aren’t represented in the host, i.e. cubase.

i load IKM black 76, i change a preset: the parameters aren’t represented in cubase.

arturia FX of synth, waves, steinberg own plugins, NI plugins, FX or synth, korg synth plugins do NOT show this behavior.

all the IKM 5.1.1 version plugins DO show this behavior, as the vst3 versions of softube, and the europa by reason synth.