Preset Export to Project folder

It would be of use if we could 1 step Export the projects plugin presets to the project folder, or default presets location.

Perhaps it even could have a name scheme on save, like export mixdown function does.
If not, a default choice of something like “Plugin Name - Project Name - Track Name - Plugin insert slot number”, would be very useful.

even a default to export all tracks (or selected tracks) as a track presets to a folder in the usual default presets location with “Project name, date (YYYYMMDD), Track Name” as a 1 step export function.

I found myself in studio remembering a certain guitar setup from a previous recording session with studio guitars and amps that would be a perfect starting point for the current track in a new session. Same could occur for any studio instruments. This would also be applicable to musicians and producers using their own gear and instruments all the time.

Then a user of the software only needs to remember a certain sound on a certain previous recording project and be able to load the track preset even if they didn’t save each individual track preset when working!

Having the one step export function for all or selected would make life very easy!