Preset File Chaos! I don't get it.


I am currently setting up my new DAW - I stored so many Plugin presets over the years in N3 and N4 - now I am using C5 as well (C6 later the day and I hope the corresponding Nuendo release as well someday)…

I don’t get it.

In N3 it was easy. userdata-folder/Steinberg/Nuendo3/presets

In N4 it became strange, often I had to “import from xml” or something, the other day the presets were gone again, rescanning with the Mediabay usually fixed that.

Moving on to Cubendo 5 - I was not able to find any of my presets again. Some I found in the userdata-folder/VST3 Presets. Cool! Just moved them to the new install. No success! And hell, where are the presets I recently saved in C5? A quick Win7 search showed - they are now in “documents/VST3 Prests” - Mediabay listed them but listed some (!!) of the older ones in the userdata/roaming/ as well - but NOT all… For example Waves C4… They are all there, *.vstpres - but they are not shown but one. Those who are not listed are made 2008 - the one which is there is from 2 months ago.

In addition I have in my Nuendo 4 userdata folder that preset folder - here are all my older presets stored - from Nuendo 4. I am NOT able to use them anymore.

I don’t get it. I want to organize them now in a better way cause I can’t find what I need.

How can I easily manage all my presets in a way that enables me to:

  • backup/restore them in a minute
  • use older presets as well - I don’t want to loose my work over and over again
  • can share them in more then just one host, for example in Nuendo 5, Cubase 5 and Cubase 6.

I have so many presets but actually I just can access a few…


I am talking about Plugin Presets in the first place!!

Yeah, I’ve noticed that yesterday, too. Saved a VST preset (.vstpreset) for the GEQ-30 equalizer within the plugin. When trying to reload, it does not show up again in the preset list. The number of presets on the top right of the load preset window remains 14 (the Steinberg defaut presets). Opening the media bay, the preset does not show up either. But it was saved anyway at the “official” location (I’m on Mac):

/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/

Works fine with Cubase 5 btw, no problems there. Found something about this issue in the Forum Archive. Same problem, and rescanning everything with the media bay does not solve the problem.



So - nobody is using plugin presets? :slight_smile:

Is the new preset you saved showing up in media bay when you search for it?

is the folder you saved your preset in selected as a defined location in mediabay?

brandy… i feel your pain! i can’t tell you how many hours of work i have lost trying to retrieve presets that either won’t work with the new version of the plugin (which might have a slightly different name… i.e. kontakt 2/3/4) or a new verison of the host software. with all he various places that presets have been stored over the years it’s been a nightmare trying to keep 2 daws synchronized with the same presets. at this point if a plugin has it’s own file management system i ALWAYS use that over the mediabay. it’s not as convenient but it does tend to be more reliable. i still don’t understand why there isn’t an “export as fxp” option somewhere. back in the day i would store plugin presets (fxp’s) for a session in the session’s folder.


It is hit or miss. I don’t get it either. It is not intuitive anymore. I haven’t been able to figure out when saving a preset works or gets lost. Seems random. Sometimes they show up in the pulldown. Sometimes they only show up when you select Load. Sometimes can’t be found. Don’t know where they get saved. Haven’t had time to read up to see if there is a master plan that explains it all. Is there an explination overview in the manual? I’ve looked but not clear.

Nuendo is great

So - basically it is the same situation here…

I think it is a good hint to use the individual “plugin preset save as file” features. It is much more work than just creating a vst preset, more organisation as well, but in the end usually you should be able to use those files over long time.

Maybe I will spend a sunday one day, just opening old projects on my old DAW and saving stuff to presets.

It is not that I use presets all the time, I usually find out the right settings individually, but for example more complex plugins can be set up more easy when you start with “your” preset and then tweak and modify. Amp simulators, Multiband Compressors and stuff like that…

no… most if us make custom plugin presets… it seems like nobody is using the forum.
I found this thread topic at cubendo.

This is just another frustration with no excuse why Steinberg hasn’t fixed it.
The company line is to stand by the changes made to Media Bay, and to answer every problem with a reinitialization search as the cure… except it doesn’t.

Oha! Was not aware of the Cubendo-Forum. And I don’t get it why there is no help from SB on this one, they advertise those Prests Stuff all the time in the “new Version videos” - now we have Mediabay, Tags and all the poop, but actually those presets are unusable because usually they are just not there…

Factory Default presets - where included - are now stored separately from user presets.
User Presets are still in My Documents/VST3 Presets.
However, Factory ones are now in "Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/VST3 Presets.

It’s better to create a folder in the factory location and call it “Factory”, and put the VST3 Presets into this that are factory default ones.
Also, in “My Documents” create one called “User Presets” and then put the VST3 Presets you create in there.
They will still be (should be) listed in manufacturer named folders though.
You’ll need to rescan with MediaBay after this.
Best to then create personalized locations for MB after this.

It’s definitely a mess though - FXP/FXB gone, now all locations moved - is VST3 worth it?

Ive never really understood the whole MEDIA BAY experience. Half the time when i open a plug present gui…i get an empty bay. I am just glad that in N4 the UAD presets are intact. The media bay has actually KEPT me from saving presets of any kind. Never can figure it out nor can i find what i saved. It may be great for the Post guys, but for us Audio Recording geeks its a bit of a problem.

Is there a tutoral on the Media bay anywhere?

We should try and talk Greg Ondo into doing a quick video on the Media Bay.