Preset filter broken for Padshop Pro presets

When selecting a Padshop Pro preset, over 400 of them are no longer categorized properly by “Content Set”, and therefore do not show up in the filter dialog under their previous “Content Set” label in Cubase 8.5. “Zero Gravity” presets are displayed properly when sorting by Content Set, however it is no longer possible to sort the factory presets by “Factory” and “Factory Pro”, which is the Content Set labels for those presets because the attribute has been cleared out so that those 400 presets don’t show up as “Factory” or “Factory Pro” any more.

I previously purchased and installed Padshop Pro and Zero Gravity before updating 8.5 to Cubase 9. In the preset search, the “Content Set” filter for Zero Gravity presets were named “Zero Gravity”. This shows up fine in the filter dialog. However, the “Factory” and “Factory Pro” content sets DO NOT show up in the “Content Set” column at all. The presets that used to be tagged with this attribute, appear to have lost the tag because you can still search for the Factory and Factory Pro. There are only 250 or so presets in Zero Gravity, so to get the other 400+ presets, I have to deselect “Zero Gravity” to see the full list.

The preset database appears to be corrupt. Another thread mentioned Windows users deleting the mediabay3.db file and having success when Cubase rebuilt it. I’m a mac user, and haven’t found this file on my machine.
In any case, the attributes are corrupt or not working correctly for all my Padshop presets that are not “Zero Gravity” ones.

The file is somewhere in \Users\username\Library\Preferences

I fixed the issue by downloading the Trial version of Padshop Pro and installing it again. At the end of the installation, the installer asked me if I wanted to install the Pro version or not, so I chose Pro (I had previously purchased it), and all my presets showed up correctly, even in other plugins like Mystic, Retrologue, etc.