preset is wrting MANY lanes of automation


using the Classic Rock Drawbars on Halion SE3 (Cubase pro 10.0.5 on Win 7), whenever I launch a project, I see dozens of controller lanes, as in the attached picture. I delete them, ensure read/write automation is disabled, and save the project, yet they keep appearing. Yes, I can hide the automation lanes, but I’d like to know why they’re appearing. They’re labeled Rotary Mix, Half Time, Hall width, S1QC9 to S16QC10. I haven’t consciously added any automation to these tracks: maybe my controller is faulty, yet it only happens on these tracks. Each one has a single value of 48, as seen.
Advice appreciated…


As I can see, there is even some settings, some automation data.

Once you collapse it, it should persists collapsed once you open the project again.

But it doesn’t…when the project reopens I’m faced with a whole monitor of this (much scrolling, still a monitor full), every time, even when I delete them, turn write/read automation data off and, or course save the project.

So where is the data coming from, why does it keep writing itself and why won’t “save” save the deletions or the collapsed view?

Does this happen to anyone else?



Could you try to delete the automation, collapse the automation lanes and Backup the project? When you open the backup project, is it OK?

Hi Martin, thanks for your assistance.

I’ve tied that; unfortunately the issue persists…


I have just tried here on my side and it works as expected.

The track in the upper divided list, is not the one, right?

does it also happen when your controller is disconnected?

Yes, it happens when the controller is disconnected. Not sure which track you’re referring to when you say “upper divided list”: all the tracks seen are automation.


As far as I can see, there is FORM Instrument track on the top of the list. And this one is in the upper part of the divided track list. Is FORM track the one?

I see, my misunderstanding…yes, the Form track isn’t related to the problem: the multiple automation lanes come from a Halion Instrument, whose track isn’t visible in this jpg.

Hi and this only happens with Halion and the special preset?

Yes, only with Halion, and in my experience, only with the Classic Rock Drawbars.

This happens when I automate one of my plugins. I think it was kickstart, don’t remember.