Preset Library Issue

About 5 weeks ago I had a major crash that required a complete re-install of Win-7 O.S. Little by little as things get back to normal I’m finding things that need to be re-connected. Back in N3 I had developed a file system for all of my presets. I had designated folders for EQ, Dynamics, Delays, 'Verb, etc. Then N4 came out with media bay. It was basically the same system I had in N3, so making that transition was very easy. I had my presets organized in N4 the same way I’d had them in N3. But they are ALL N4 PRESETS.

Yesterday when I tried to use one of those presets, I found that I couldn’t. I tried to import an EQ preset and there was no option to do so on the Studio EQ window. Figuring I would have to access it via the Media Bay, I went there and opened the browse section to get to the drive that had my presets. When I opened the folder to show the sub-folders, none of them (EQ, Dynamics, Delays, 'Verb, etc.) would open! Older plugs will give me import options but won’t accept the N4 parameters. N4 folders will only talk to the Media Bay. So how do I gain access to my now vast library of N4 presets?

Did you back up your Nuendo Application Data folder?


I think so. I did a total C drive backup. So only the programs should not have been saved and I’ve seen that listed in the address folder. Is that how I access the back-ups? Could you talk me through it?

On your backup drive, you should find a folder called Nuendo Application Data, which is normally accessible through the Start menu. Your Media Bay data base file is in that, so if you copy that file into the same place on your new install, you should be able to access your old set-up.