preset management C6 to C7

i have a huge collection of presets stored to be recalled in the insert strip of C6 under the Preset Management pop up menu.
in C7 these presets do not show and there is no obvious option to retrieve those presets from C6.
how can I get my presets from C6 to C7?
the manual in C7 does not show anything and even shows still the old C6 channel picture (page 456)

Insert preset is new just in C7 in C6 it was track preset only ! Different format !

i’m aware that it is a different format. however i would think that the clever chaps at steinberg take into account that many users used the C6 feature and don’t want to loose all their preset insert combination when going to C7.

In this case put your preset in the track preset folder ! There was no insert preset in C6 !

yes there is and was:
in C6>open a channel> put a bunch of plugins into the insert slots>at the top the little cube icon>save as…or load

The easiest way to have and view your C6 presets in C7 is to keep the C6 content of
“C:\Users\your user name\Documents\VST3 Presets”
“C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg”.


  1. If those are custom plugin presets (".vstpreset" extension), put them in
    “C:\Users\your user name\Documents\VST3 Presets” in the appropriate subfolders that are created there after you save a dummy preset from within each corresponding plugin.

  2. If those are channel presets (".vmx" extension), you can load them from any location by pressing “Load selected channels” in the “Functions menu” on the mixer toolbar. You can’t make them visible in the media bay, though.

  3. If those are audio track presets (."trackpreset"extension), put them in
    “C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Track Presets\Audio” in any subfolder you may want to create there. When you open the media bay, they’ll be shown there.

  4. There are also FX chain presets (".fxchainpreset" extension). I’m not sure these were present in C6, but anyway, they are stored in
    “C:\Users\your user name\Documents\Steinberg\FX Chain Presets”.

" The easiest way to have and view your C6 presets in C7 is to keep the C6 content of
“C:\Users\your user name\Documents\VST3 Presets”
“C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg”."

i installed C7 parallel to C6. basically working with C6 but familiarizing myself with C7.
i did not change any of the above folders. C7 retrieved settings from the C6 installation, but still all my presets for the insert chains from C6 don’t show.
as far as i can tell those presets are not saved in C6 as discrete files (like all those locations el-russo pointed out) but are embedded somewhere else, i don’t know where.

Does anybody know why the presets are strewn all over the place? I know it’s the modern Windows thing to do, but all this “AppData - Program Files - Common Files - Roaming - (x86) - Shared Content” mess is pflarging me off. I’m in the process of migrating to a new machine, and it’s a damn nightmare.


yes there is and was:
in C6>open a channel> put a bunch of plugins into the insert slots>at the top the little cube icon>save as…or load

in C6 it was : “save track preset” not “save FX chain preset” so like I say put your preset in the “track preset” folder (user/appdata/roaming/Steinberg/track preset) & you can load it with the little “cube” on the top right of the channel strip !


two solutions:
Open your Cubase 6.5x
Create tracks with all your insert effects from your presets.
Save The project.

Then open your project in Cubase 7 then save all your insert presets …

My solutions was to edit the files in the program notepad+
-copy a *.fxchainpreset and rename it to the name of the old preset,
-delete from line 14 ( just after <member name="Folder> to line just before

  • and between the above lines copy the code from the fileFolderPresets.pxml just after the line >menber name=“Object”> until the line before

but at your own risk;-)

see the original topic:
best regards

What extension do those presets have? If you can see them in the C6 media bay, right click any of them and choose “show in explorer” to find that out. I suspect you are looking for either audio track presets or mixer channel presets.

The presets reside in two folders (see my first post). Back those up and you are set. :wink:

It looks very much like channel presets (.vmx files), which aren’t supposed to be kept in any of those locations, but rather where the user chooses. Try to open such a preset in C6 and you’ll see a Windows explorer window pop up showing the last location you loaded it from or saved it to.

Still, like I said earlier, it would be great if you could find those presets through C6 and see what extension they have.

thanks dup for your great and creative workaround.
will try to implement.

to Steinberg: if you decide in your infinite wisdom to scrap a function from one version to another it is a no-brainer to make it possible to bring the settings created with that function somehow easy(!!!) to the next version.
Steinberg did not do that (and that is not the first time…)
i would like to hear a comment from Steinberg explaining this oversight.
or better: prove me wrong!!!


well you’re wrong you try to load a "track preset " in the “fx chain preset” menu ! different preset format !
Simply reload your track preset with the right menu (right clic on the track & choose load track preset) & save the inserts “fx chain preset” with the little cube at the top of the insert !

Track Preset : User/Appdata/Roaming/Steinberg/track Preset/
FX Chain Preset : User/Documents/Steinberg/FX Chain Preset/
VST3 Preset : User/Documents/VST3 Preset/

perhaps i need to make it more clear what i’m actually trying to do:
i am NOT dealing with Track Presets, NOT VST3 Presets and NOT the NEW FXChainPreset format.
i am talking about the presets created by saving insert effect combinations as described in the C6.5 manual page 203. (see attached picture)
these presets do not show up anywhere as discrete preset files. they do NOT show up in C7 anymore.
pop up.jpg

would be great to have a word from Steinberg regarding this.
do i have to juggle workarounds or is this going to be fixed or does anyone there care…?