Preset Management/EQ very impractical behavior!

thanks for the implementation of saving the EQ settings of a given channel and the ability to recall. old hat actually.
the thing that drives me nuts is that I EQ my track/Channel and save, BUT!!! it does NOT save the settings of the LPF and HPF.
i know they are “part” of the “Pre/Filters/Gain/Phase Rack” and it is a logic originating in the 'ol console design.
but it looks to me we moved on a tad since then and it does NOT make sense to me that i have to set the HPF/LPF everytime for each channel again. how tedious does it get?

on a similar note:
i have to set up the inserts of every IN channel again and again, although i do employ quite a few plugins in the inserts there (VU meter/Analyzer/limiter/sometimes analogue simulation (hello Studio One/ProTools/UAD Apollo etc…)
why is it not possible to save and recall channel settings on INputs like on all other mixer channels via Track Preset?



They should at least do this IMO.