Preset menus should be scrollable


many plugins already come with more factory presets than the preset menu can handle. This causes that some preset are not accessible from the preset menu.

I wonder why WL doesn’r have a more dynamic solution for this. One possibility would be a scrollable preset menu,

Can you show a screenshot?

Sorry, my mistake. All seems to be fine.

However, out of curiosity: What happens if I open the preset menu (dropdown at the top of the plugin window) and there are more preset entries than space available?

Another menu column is added.

Should be ok, but I already noticed several times before (also in WL 7) that you tend to trust on more or less size-limited constructs, hoping noone will need more menu entries, VST paths, whatever. :slight_smile:

In my experience, this is always risky, because it’s hard to predict what your users need, have, and do. :wink:

Therefore, if ever possible, please go for (nearly) unlimited constructs like a list of VST paths instead of four, menus that are scrollable, etc.

Then, your users as well as you are on the safe side.

menus that are scrollable.

I’m not a fan of scrollable menus, there are too slow.

Ok, point taken. However, just hoping that noone will need more than a rather small number of entries is no solution either. :wink:

It doesn’t have to be scrollable menus, but it should scale up well also for a rather large number of menu entries, paths, you name it. :slight_smile: For example, I am sure, somewhere out there, there is a user who would need a fifth additional VST path, but he/she cannot set one, because there are only four entries.

Such experiences can easily frustrate, and in the worst case, this user cannot use WL, just because, in his/her workflow and installed plugins, five paths are absolutely needed for whatever reason.

Such special needs are of course hard to foresee by the developer, and thus, it is always best practice to avoid such (more or less arbitrary) limitations whenever possible. Then, all users are happy, the ones with a single VST path (I’m using VST paths just as an example here) and the ones who need, say, 10 or 20 VST paths (to use a rather extreme value). :slight_smile: