Preset name not synched with Undo/Redo Preset parameter


A question/proposal!

When using presets for plugins in WL the preset names is not “updated” when using “Undo/Redo Last Parameter Change”!

If I select a preset (01), then select another preset (02), then use Undo to go back to preset 01,
all parameters are changed (as for preset 01), but the preset name is unchanged and still shows name of last selected preset (02).
So it’s kind of confusing.

– Is this by design?

  • Can this feature be added; i.e. so that preset name is also updated when Undoing/Redoing changes?
    Or is there an issue with defining if parameters were changed manually or by selecting a preset?


Plugins where? What kind of preset?


I used the Black Bo HG-2MS from Plugoin Alliance in this case.

  • I selected a preset 22

  • Then tried another preset 41

  • Then used the “Undo” button to go back and parameters are changed - but not preset name.
    It’s still preset 41.

You can see the changes of parameters easiest on the “Air Amount” and “Alt Tube” knob.


WaveLab has control over the parameters but not over the preset name. Hence there is no solution that I can think of. Do you know if Cubase behaves otherwise?


No, Cubase do not have Undo/Redo alternatives as in WL.
You can Save and Load presets and also go Up and Down in preset list using the arrows in the tab.
So Undo/Redo is kind of unique for WL, and it’s a good functionality!

One other thing that has confused me is the way plugin presets are listed.

  • Sometimes presets are listed under a “Factory” folder with a “Factory Icon”.
  • Sometimes presets are listed under a “List” folder with a “factoy icon”.

  • What defines how they are listed in WL preset manager, does it have to do with preset location in any way?

And I guess Waves own preset manager is responsible for managing and reading/listing Waves preset (Factory and User presets)? WL only calls Waves DLL or something?
I’m having problems getting correct preset names listed in Waves Manager after having changed names of Waves presets.