Preset not found in Steinberg Synth Preset Browser and mediabay

This Preset Browser has always been a Nightmare. I wish it would be as easy to use as, let’s say Arturia’s or even Serum’s preset browser. Everything is in its place and the search is super fast.

I just created a preset in Retrologue and it’s gone. Whatever I search in the browser or if I activate the “Include Folders/Subfolders” icon, I can’t find it anymore.

What is going on?

After doing a “Quick Rescan Disk” on the Retrologue folder in /Users/Library/Audio/Presets/…

It showed up but all of the properties I saved with that patch - Library Name - Mood - Characteristics - Author - they are all gone. Instead, it has “Retrologue 1” attached to it as Library name - even though the preset file resides in my own custom folder.

This can’t be normal, right?

Mediabay is saving Attributes fine. Read/Write Access is granted to all folders and files.

It’s really just Retrologue that behaves strangely.

I’ve already created another thread about my issues with Retrologue presets here:

But it seems this problem occurs not only in Retrologue but also Padshop and other built-in Steinberg plugins. Reverence actually seems to work fine!

What happens is that my saved Presets are not being displayed in the presets browser immediately and none of the Attributes I enter are being saved either.

The presets also don’t show up in the Mediabay. Only after a relaunch of Cubase, the presets appear, assigned to the wrong Category and all Attributes missing.

This has been happening since Cubase 12 launched and I was hoping for a fix with 12.0.40 but it didn’t seem to have a fix included.

Have you tried renaming the mediabay database file to check if it is corrupted?

It would be inside the User Settings Data Folder

Your Username/Library/Preferences” and locate the folder which is named the same as your Cubase/Nuendo version.

I tried this on two different macs. My Macbook Air M1 which has a virgin install of Cubase 12 has the same problem. I recorded a video of the issue and sent it to the support staff.

Furthermore, if the Database was corrupted, wouldn’t there be similar issues in the actual Mediabay? I can edit most Attributes there (the ones Retrologue and other Plugins didn’t save properly).
The only Attribute I can’t find there is the one for the Library. This worked fine before (Cubase 10.5) - so something must have changed since that version of Cubase and Cubase 12.

Can you tell me, which one of these Attributes is the right one?

(Attributes Part II)

I don’t know the answers to your questions, I was just providing a troubleshooting step. It takes less than one minute to rename the file and launch Cubase to see if it reveals the problem.

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I just renamed the file. Issues remain.
If I mess with the folder buttons in the preset browser, I can find the preset after a while. But the Attributes are still not being saved.