Preset (or macro) for mp3 codec selection

When I open an mp3, make an edit and then re-save it, the mp3 applet opens and I have to select kbps and ‘highest quality’ every time from it’s default setting. Is there a way that the applet can remember the last setting that was used? a preset? a macro setup? This is very time consuming since I have mp3’s in the thousands to do. This might be something you could add to your next update/upgrade…then again, it could be there.
Thanks in advance.

latest version of Wavelab. Win7

You could simply have a Render preset (Render Ribbon Tab). Then you don’t even have to call the Save function.

Maybe this is off topic but if you open an mp3 in WaveLab, doesn’t it convert it to floating point WAV meaning that saving again as mp3 would be transcoding the audio from mp3 to mp3 again? Transcoding typically does not sound good as you now have an mp3 of an mp3 which is a lot of data loss and sound quality loss.

I don’t think WaveLab can edit mp3 files sonically or metadata without some transcoding.