Preset Project Templates


Another noob question.

When I open any of the Preset Project Templates provided with Cubase Pro 9.5, the Project Zone is not maximized and the floating transport is displayed. I have to dismiss the floating transport and maximize the Project Zone every time I start a new project, but I would like to have new projects consistently opened the way I like.

Is there a setting that will change this Template behavior?
Can I save the provided Preset Project Templates after fixing the project?

I hope I’m being clear here… thanks in advance.

In the File menu select “Save as Template” and save with a different name.

I was hoping I could overlay the default that comes with Cubase but I guess I can’t.

Sure you can.

Make sure you save whatever customized project templates you wish, then delete the factory project templates that don’t open the way you like them to open.

One advantage of saving your own Templates is that they appear before the ones that come with the program so it’s easy to see that these are the ones modified to your liking.

Thanks guys. great to know.