Preset rating not shared between 6.5 & 7


I have been working concurrently in 6.5 and 7.01

When I rate a preset in media bay in either version it is not reflecting in the opposing version.

This is pretty frustating as I have to search all over again for my favourite sounds.

Probably seems pretty trivial but I find it rather annoying.

Am I missing something?

Do you really expect MB in each version to know what you did in the other? :neutral_face:

Yes. I would expect a high end Daw to offer such a feature yes. As we are talking about 1000’s of presets.

Are you suggesting l have to go through the process of rating presets every time a new version of Cubase comes out?

Maybe you should read up as to where the MB files are stored. Might produce a workaround, if you think about it.

Maybe you should stop posting in threads that you have no sensible response to.


That was a sensible response, to the sensible. :unamused:

So if you know the workaround why don’t you share the knowledge instead of being a smart arse?

You’ll learn more if you figure it out for yourself.


Ok. I’ve spotted the troll. You nearly got me.

Almost 300 posts in 3 weeks. Well done.

There go the toys out of the pram as soon as the spoon is denied. :wink: